Lightning & Grounding Systems

Lightning Strike Prevention

When lightning strikes occur, extensive damage to buildings, equipment and sensitive electronic components can cause costly downtime and considerable expense. Schindler Abroyd provides a broad range of lightning strike prevention systems for virtually any size or type of structure, to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of losses. As a representative for the products and services of Lightning Eliminators and Consultants Inc, (LEC) of Boulder, Colorado, we engineer total facility lightning protection systems for a wide variety of industries.

Usually beginning with an on-site survey to review the areas of concern at the site, our technicians take preliminary measurements and photos, and gather data on grounding systems and electrical and electronic protection components. The resulting report, containing an explanation of the threat and recommendations to eliminate it, can then be used as a staring point for a staged systems implementation.

Ultra-low Resistance Grounding Systems

The design and development of an effective grounding system is a complex process that involves both the evaluation of the structure and of the surrounding earth itself. Knowledge of the local soil conditions is mandatory and is the first step in the development of an effective solution. Schindler Abroyd offers environment-friendly, ultra-low resistance grounding systems that have been proven in applications around the world.